Friday, September 7, 2012

How do Architects communicate their ideas?

Essential Question:

How do architects communicate their designs to clients, builders and other trades in the planning of their structures?

Here is an interesting article that speaks to the importance of drawing by hand in spite of the use of advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in the profession of Architecture.

Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing

"Architecture cannot divorce itself from drawing, no matter how impressive the technology gets"                                                                             - Michael Graves

The slide show that accompanies this article give numerous examples of drawing by hand.

 Drawing With a Purpose, By Michael Graves

Assignment #1:
Choose one of these drawings and describe the information that the drawing communicates.


  1. The picture that caught my eye was the Tuscan Landscape,which was drawn in 2011. What I like about this drawing is the outdoor feel it has. Also it is very simplistic and it doesn't have much details. What I realize about it, is that this kind of architecture would most likely be on a farm.

  2. I most enjoyed the drawing of Domus Augustana. I found this interesting because of the artists combination of what he saw and what he used his creativity to decide what the structure may have looked like. I like that although the only colour used is grey you can really get the sense of depth used. The shading demonstrates the 3D aspect of the drawing and I like how he used the thin lines to separate the different stones.

  3. The drawing I enjoyed most was "Drawing With a Purpose" by Micheal Graves. The title really fits the artists background. Micheal developed an urgent desire to record what he saw throughout the cities and countryside. The bulky detail stood out the most for me. The black bulky sketch and the combination with a pencil looks messy but, that shows creativity and the artist's own style. The Santi Nome di Maria, the orginal looks different than what MIcheal did which is a plus because its his own style and uniqueness.

  4. The drawing I enjoyed the most was the Architecture and the lost art of drawing. It was published september 1 2012 by Michael Graves. What caught my eye while looking at the picture was how the picture was not simple. Even though it was a Library it was not just one building it was very creative and you can see how in depth it is.